I live and work in Stockholm. I’ve got my education from several artschools, Nyckelviksskolan, Gerlersborgsskolan and Konstfack. In my own works I like to use different materials to express myself. Each material with its own aesthetics and potentials. I appreciate the creativity in pictures, photo, form, nature, all living, people, meetings. The inner and outer space of life.

If you are interested to purchase any of my works or to stay in contact, please mail, mirjam.k.m.schnee@gmail.com or phone, 046- 070-226 59 24 . If you are interested to look into the work that I’ve been doing as artteacher with  some of my fantastic students. Link and inspiration from Alfaskolan. One of my best friends, Maria, is very creative. She gives me a lot of partnership, inspiration and support. If you like to look at her fantastic clothes and other items.  Link and inspiration from ”Maria by the sea”.



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